Nettlebed Community
South Oxfordshire Chilterns

A free community service hosted by Jim McWhirter

I have set up an informal email network for people who live in Nettlebed or who have a strong link with the village.
It is totally voluntary and free. Members can join or leave at any time.
The aim is solely to help communication.
Email addresses will be kept private by me. I have checked with the Data Protection Registrar that all is in order.

It works as follows:
Anyone wishing to send a message to the members of the group should send me an email with the exact wording to be transmitted.
I will then forward this to group members (as bcc) so that no one can read other recipients’ email addresses and privacy is maintained.
I will not deal with any replies – if the original author of the message wishes to be contacted, they will have to include details in the message
and invite responses directly to them by phone or email or both.
It can be used by any individual or group to pass on information or make requests but will not be used for commercial purposes.
I accept no responsibility for the veracity or accuracy of messages.

If you wish to be part of this list, email
I welcome any suggestions for development or improvement of NNN.
If you like the idea, please let others know and ask them to let me have their email address so that I can include them.

The "Fortnight Ahead Diary"
Regular events will get a brief reminder entry in the diary which will be issued every other weekend for the two weeks ahead. Organisers must let me have notices by Friday at the latest. Please include a phone number so that people can get questions answered.

One off events will be entered briefly in the diary up to 3 months ahead.  They can still be the subject of a full NNN entry (once only) to let everyone know the details and make a diary note in advance.

If you have any questions about events, PLEASE DO NOT address them to NNN (I will ignore them!) - please contact the organiser direct by phone or email.

Nettlebed News Network is provided by Jim McWhirter for people who live in Nettlebed or who have a strong link to the village.

 “NNN” Nettlebed News Network and the Week Ahead Diary