Nettlebed Community
South Oxfordshire Chilterns

Nettlebed Oil Buying Group

Why pay more than you need to for heating oil?

You can save money on your oil orders by joining Nettlebed oil buying group.

This is how the group works. When you need oil, send an email to  (or telephone 641609 if you do not have email). Jim McWhirter will then contact all members of the group to start a buying round. After receiving replies, and working out the size of the group order, he rings around the suppliers (the minimum order is 500 litres but please order in larger quantities when possible). Please note that the maximum group order size is one tanker load and a round will be closed when that total is reached. Please check emails daily after you place an order. Orders are accepted on a first come, first served basis. The supplier chosen is usually the cheapest price available but also takes account of quality of service at busy times (this became an important issue during the snow in 2010/11). This process can take between two and three weeks to complete and so the group cannot deal with urgent orders. There is no contractual arrangement between Jim and the supplier and each member must decide to accept or reject the offer (no action is needed if the offer is accepted).

Members who have expressed an interest are notified of the price (ex VAT), supplier and contact details and approximate timing of delivery in advance. Following that any issues relating to the order or delivery should be dealt with by contacting the supplier directly. Each customer is individually billed by the supplier and is responsible for paying and may be contacted for payment in advance if they have not dealt with that supplier before.

The power of a buying group often gives significant savings for members but has the disadvantage that delivery must be accepted on the day the group delivery takes place as determined by the supplier. There is no obligation to use the group – members are free to place independent orders whenever they wish to do so. Jim is keen to hear of any problems members have and to know if anyone feels they can get a better price.

Jim does not gain any personal benefit from this scheme. However, a £10 annual donation to Jim's voluntary medical work in Uganda would be very much appreciated - see for details.

If you wish to join send your name, postal address and phone number
(landline and mobile please) to